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60 Inch Square Tablecloth

This 60 inch square tablecloth is the perfect way to make a statement. With its yellow sunflower print tablecloth w stripes and geometric pattern, this tablecloth will add a touch of elegance to your décor.

60 Square Tablecloth

60 the perfect piece of furniture for any room in your home, the square tablecloth is perfect for a room with a simple design. The tablecloth has a simple look and is easy to clean – just clean it with a mild soap and use a clean cloth to clean the cloth.

60 X 60 Tablecloth

This 36" x 60" tablecloth is a great choice for a busy kitchen or anywhere else where a utopia-style table would be appreciated. It is perfect for a large event like a wedding or birthday, and is made from a durable, square-shaped cloth. It can be enjoyed by guests all day long, and is perfect for use in areas with tight space. this size square tablecloth is perfect for our60 round tablecloth event. It is polyester fabric with a square shape that will keep your guests at a safe distance from your table during your picnic dinner. This tablecloth is easy to clean and is perfect for modern events such as weddings, deaths, or any special occasions. this 60x60 inch tablecloth is made of high quality polyester and is perfect for a60x60 inch tables. It has a beautiful sky blue color and is perfect for a60x60 inch tables. this burgundy square tablecloth is made of 60x60 inch heavy duty cotton fabric and has a single layer of protection against wear and tear. It is made of subscription box shape with aazmic strongly administered banding on its center. Theazmic isazure theme with burgundy, blue, and green colors. It is the perfect cover for your new console table.