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Antique Cutwork Tablecloth

This is a gorgeous, antique cutwork tablecloth that will add a touch of luxury to any setting. It is 66” x 98” and has a been-there-and-done-it tablecloth feel to it. It is perfect for a more elevated or formal event.

Antique Cutwork Tablecloth Target

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Antique Cutwork Tablecloth Ebay

This antique cutwork tablecloth is extra-vintage and features a lovely vintaged fabric lace tablecloth. It is embroidered with aessment and sleeked down with dark green lady's room cover. It is a great addition to any room! this beautiful tablecloth is made of italian reticella fabric and is full of ornaments to complete your event. The deep colors will make everyone want to go out and enjoy their meal. It is also great for keeping the table clean and free of wrinkles. the antique cutwork tablecloth is perfect for your next event, and is made from vtgantique lace cut work linen tablecloth 65x114oblong embroidered leaf scroll. This tablecloth is the perfect size for up to 65 guests, and is made from luxurious fabric that is made to be comfortable and easy to care for. The tablecloth is made to be a little larger in length for larger events, and is made to be easy to clean. this is a great deal on an antique cutwork tablecloth. It is made of 100% wool and is in great condition.