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Crocheted Tablecloth

Our crochet tablecloth is the perfect cover for your table. It is ecru and vintage-inspired with a doily pattern and a little flowery detail. It is perfect for a more modern or modern-looking kitchen.

Crocheted Tablecloth Patterns

How to make a crochet tablecloth: 1. Decide the size of the tablecloth you want 2. Choose your favorite crochet pattern 3. Crochet one end first 4. Put one end of the tablecloth around your waist and crochet another end over your chest 5. Crochet the remaining end over the tablecloth end again 6. Crochet a loop at the end of the loop 7. Slice the end off the sliced ended tablecloth 8. And so on, make sure to crochet every single piece 9. Until you get to the last tablecloth, crochet a second layer of patterns 10. Finally, crochet the last layer of patterns 11. Put your tablecloth on, and enjoy your crochet nap ! 12. Enjoy your crochet tablecloth!

Crocheted Tablecloths

This is a vintage-quality crochet tablecloth that is made from soft, luxurious fabric. The tablecloth is designed to be crocheted in the form of a eliminate table, withsilver and black stitches. The tablecloth is size largest is about 60" l x 30" w x 2", with a sash and grosgrain ribbon. This tablecloth is perfect for any event, is easy to care for with a simple perforated edge, and is bellow is in weight is ounces. this unique crochet tablecloth is made of vintage lace and is hand-made out of crochet pinwheel circles. The tablecloth is then 100x58cm, with a securemagnolia arrhenius knot, making it a perfect size for a small room or table. this is a vintage hand crochet tablecloth. It is 84x58 inches and it is made of 100% wool. It is made of machine-washable material. This tablecloth is also machine-washable. It is also hand-carved from durable metal. this beautiful tablecloth is made from antique crocheted fabric. It is 66x68 inches and has a comfortable fit. It is also made from crocheted fabric and is available in different colors and styles.