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Round Plastic Tablecloths

This round plastic table cover is perfect for a fun birthday party or a special occasion! With a colorful tablecloth and some perfect round tableclothes, you'll have a perfect party all set up!

Plastic Round Tablecloths

“the round table is a great addition to any room and can be used for many purposes. It can be used as an area to relax, work on projects or to store tools and materials. ” - advertisement - 5 things to consider when selecting a round table 1. Get one that is sturdy and long-lasting 2. Decide on the type of round table 3. Get a size that is fit for your space 4. Consider the quality of the fabric 5. Choose a color that is popular in your room.

Plastic Tablecloths Round

Our heavy-duty plastic tablecovers are reusable tablecloth in 25 colors. They will last many years without being affected by the elements and can be easily cleaned. They are a great way to protect your table from the outside and to ensure that your guests have a delicious tablecloth to eat from. this clear plastic tablecloth is 100% waterproof and can be used for up to 70 days without needing to be laundered. It has a 70 inch vinyl pvc tablecloth that is perfect for any table service or event. this round tablecloth is made from mosaic (64"x36“) fabric. It is 36” in circumference and 48” in length. It has an elastic edge that has a fitted vinyl finish. It is available in 36“ to 48“ elastic edge. this is a round white plastic tablecloth that is pvc transparent. It is perfect for protecting your table from the sun or rain.