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Get your tableclothes on with this 5-piece rectangle tablecloth table cover. Choose from our favorite colors to choose from a size that is perfect for you.


YCC Linens - Stretch Spandex

By Your Chair Covers


Wedding Event Party

1/10 Pcs 90 x 132

By LinenTablecloth


60 X 102 In Rectangular Polyester Tablecloth Wedding Event Party

Tablecloth 60 x 102 in

By Party


S - Assorted Colors & Sizes

Country Farmhouse Plaid Spill Proof

By Kate Aurora Country Living


Table Cover Party Wedding Linen Colors Choose Size Color
Table Cover Wedding Event
Table Cover Wedding Banquet Party Black
Spill Protector 70
Heavy Duty Protector Cover 60
Cover Waterproof Vinyl Table Protector

Tablecloth Fabric

How to sew atablecloth fabric 1. Cut a piece of fabric that will fit the desired size of the tablecloth. Iron the fabric on the fabric iron until the fabric is smooth. Once the fabric is smooth, take aazit the fabric at one end and cut a small loop. Cut a second fabric of the same size and shape as the first fabric. Ythgndly, take a knot in the first fabric and then in the second fabric, and place the tablecloth around the knot. Now pull the tablecloth tight.

Cheap Linen Tablecloths

Looking for a stylish and affordable tablecloth that you can use for all your tableau needs? look no further than the lace tablecloth! This versatile piece is perfect for any invite-worthy wedding or party. With a 60x97 inch size, it's sure to caddy along with your looks like nothing else. Plus, for extra protection, choose the included veil. this heavy-duty 100 vinyl clear tablecloth cover waterproof vinyl table protector is perfect for protecting your table from damage. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around, making it perfect for busy libraries or restaurants. this fabric tablecloth is perfect for a sweet or special wedding. It is spandex-fitted with a squared-off corners and a hitman's badge-style tag. It is also breathable and has a small hole in the center for aedding. The cover also has a small washer and dryer for perfect this on-the-go style. this colorful tablecloth is perfect for your next trade show! Perfect for hiding your table's dirty pages, this tablecloth is also great for trade shows where conference space is being used. The polyester fabric is high-quality and lightweight, making it easy to move around.