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Vinyl Tablecloths Flannel Backed

This round tablecloth is perfect for a casual or formal setting. It is fitted with elastic so it can be returned and replaced as needed, and it is backed with flannel.

Flannel Back Tablecloth

If you're looking for a luxurious and luxurious set of tables to spruce up your home, then you need to check out this flannel back tablecloth. This tablecloth is made with a luxurious layer of fabric that will make your home looking like a best-dressed. Plus, it has a sleek design that will make your guests feel like they're in a high-class environment.

Cheap Flannel Backed Vinyl Tablecloth

This cheap floral patterned flannel backed vinyl tablecloth is a round, oblong, and square design. It is made of 100% flannel backed vinyl. It has a daca system per order so you can return or exchange any product that you do not have in stock. this flannel backed kitchen tablecloth is perfect for heavy duty kitchens! It is made from heavy duty fabric and is flannel backed. It is a great choice for any kitchen! our vinyl floral tablecloth features a soft, flannel-backed tablecloth with a vibrant, green and red vinyl pattern. This tablecloth is the perfect addition to your home, and is perfect for any occasion. this is a square vinyl tablecloth that features a flannel backed fabric background. Thei features are in various colors and sizes, including a soo much loved "i love it! " color. It is currently in the usa, but will be popular in various other regions as well.